Korea Office

Rm. 1101,
88 Yulgok-ro,
Seoul 03131
South Korea

Phone: +82 (0) 2 745 2648
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Welfare state and economy

Initiating political, academic and trade-union dialogue between Germany/Europe and Korea on the “future of the welfare state” and the “economy of tomorrow”

The financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009 and the ongoing debt crises in the United States and the Eurozone illustrate, that the neo-liberal, market-fundamentalist model of economic and fiscal policy has failed. As a social-democratic institution, FES Korea aiming at creating a positive environment for dialogue and research, to foster a sustainable and socially just welfare state in Korea and to contribute to the creation of the “economy of tomorrow”, combining innovation, social justice and ecological sustainability. 

FES Korea works closely together with other FES offices in Asia in order to promote the idea of creating a "economy of tomorrow". For more information on regional activities and the concept of "Economy of Tomorrow", please visit FES Asia regional website and the Economy of Tomorrow Facebook page."