Korea Office

Rm. 1101,
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Seoul 03131
South Korea

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Inter-Korean dialogue

Promoting inter-Korean dialogue and conducting trust building activities involving the DPRK, in order to contribute to peace and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia

As a European non-governmental organization, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung holds the strong belief that inter-Korean relations as well as peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia can only be improved by dialogue and sincere engagement from all concerned parties. FES Korea therefore supports research and dialogue projects within South Korea as well as multilateral dialogue programs in order to build trust between the ROK and DPRK and in Northeast Asia as a whole. FES Korea also organizes exchanges of ideas on relations between Germany and the DPRK as well as EU-DPRK relation, involving political representatives from both sides. Furthermore, FES contributes to academic exchanges between Germany and the DPRK.